Course Details (The following course is divided in to 3 Levels 45 Days each) Progressive Mode of Studies

Module 1: Introduction to French language & differentiating it with other languages. Alphabets and its sounds.

Module 2Pronunciation and related accents. (accentgrave, aigu, circonflex, cedille and trema)

Module 3: some common phrases in French. Conjugation of the verb (to be) and (to have) With examples.

Module 4:    Exercise of to be and to have verbs (Introduction to French Articles, Verb Tenses)

Module 5:   vocabulary (Module s ,months,) making questions and giving answers about….

Module 6:   making questions which make an introduction of someone.

Module 7:   filling forms, introducing all the personal pronouns. Vocabulary

Module 8    Vocabulary ( adjectives) and noun in indication of the feminine and masculine

Module 9:   Numbers, Module s, Months and Years ( and other verb conjugation)

Module 10:  counting 1000. And onward talking about the dates and practice on it.

Module 11:  reading comprehensions, vocabulary.

Module 12:  Exercise using Conversation.

Module 13:  Making questions for Daily life situations.

Module 14:   countries with the indication of feminine and masculine. (Formal and Informal French)

Module 15:  Formal and Informal Language…

Module 16:   Vegetables, Fruits, seasons and weathers.

Module 17:  using different verbs and conjugations

Module 18:   regular and irregular verbs and the difference in conjugations.

Module 19:   Articles usages, Prepositions, little vocabulary for food.

Module 20:  Family Tree of a person.

Module 21:   colours ( likes dislikes) and Conversation about it

Module 22:  ordinal numbers, places vocabulary

Module 23:   Time: questions and answers.

Module 24:   Presentation 

Module 25: test 1  verbs and its conjugations.

Module 26:  Clothes vocabulary and using il y a in sentences.

Module 27:  difference in ou and ou

Module 28:  likes and dislikes

Module 29:  sports and the verbs related to

Module 30:  Final Exam

Benefits: on completion of each level you will be awarded a recognition certificate. You can easily pass the TCF (Test de connaissance du français) exam for Immigration or employment purposes in France Embassy Islamabad  and Employment outside the country to the head quarters of INTERPOL, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNHCR, ILO and other UN agencies whose official language is French will be preferred. All the above organizations are working in Pakistan as well French is a point of induction and will be essential part of your CV to make you right person to get those jobs.

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