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Course Details

In German Conversation Course students will learn vocabulary and grammar necessary to communicate in nine different situations listed below. German culture, contemporary German events will be included in course.

Activity No. 1  : Saying Personal Greetings, Climate Greetings, Time Greetings & Introducing yourself

Activity No. 2  : Talking about Date, Time, Weather & Counting

Activity No. 3  : Buying (10 Selected Things) & asking about Prices

Activity No. 4  : Means of Transportation (Directions, Measurements & Positions, Asking the way)

Activity No. 5  : Visiting Doctor / hospital (Explaining health issues, Explaining problems with body parts)

Activity No. 6  : Visiting Restaurant & Hotel (Asking about Menu, Foods, Reservation of Room, Asking about facilities & Cost)

Activity No. 7  : Talking with Rescue 1122  (Car Problems, Theft Problems, Harassment Problems)

Activity No. 8  : Visiting Police Station (Introducing yourself, Explaining issues in Past Tense & Using References, Presenting Evidences, Requesting for writing a complaint, Followup Call/Visit)

Activity No. 9 : Visiting Educational Institution (Introducing your qualification, Asking about desired course, Asking about time & days options, Asking about Cost and commencement dates)


Course will be conducted via Live Lectures which will include the following:

  1. Vocabulary, 2. Listening, 3. Speaking,  4. Reading,  5. Writing,  6. Culture,  7. Grammar


Method of Instruction:

  1. Lecture, 2. Discussion, 3. Group/pair work,  4. Language lab


Types of Assignments:

  1. Listening, 2. Conversational Exercises, 3. Vocabulary study



New Students will be allowed to take One Day demo class
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