In Japanese Language Conversation Course students will learn vocabulary and grammar necessary to communicate in nine different situations listed below. 

Activity No. 1  : Saying Personal Greetings, Climate Greetings, Time Greetings & Introducing yourself

Activity No. 2  : Talking about Date, Time, Weather & Counting

Activity No. 3  : Buying (10 Selected Things) & asking about Prices

Activity No. 4  : Means of Transportation (Directions, Measurements & Positions, Asking the way)

Activity No. 5  : Visiting Doctor / hospital (Explaining health issues, Explaining problems with body parts)

Activity No. 6  : Visiting Restaurant & Hotel (Asking about Menu, Foods, Reservation of Room, Asking about facilities & Cost)

Activity No. 7  : Talking with Rescue 1122  (Car Problems, Theft Problems, Harassment Problems)

Activity No. 8  : Visiting Police Station (Introducing yourself, Explaining issues in Past Tense & Using References, Presenting Evidences, Requesting for writing a complaint, Followup Call/Visit)

Activity No. 9 : Visiting Educational Institution (Introducing your qualification, Asking about desired course, Asking about time & days options, Asking about Cost and commencement dates)


Course will be conducted via Live Lectures which will include the following:

  1. Vocabulary, 2. Listening, 3. Speaking,  4. Reading,  5. Writing,  6. Culture,  7. Grammar


Method of Instruction:

  1. Lecture, 2. Discussion, 3. Group/pair work,  4. Language lab

Types of Assignments:

  1. Listening, 2. Conversational Exercises, 3. Vocabulary study


New Students will be allowed to take One Day demo class

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